What investments are we looking for



We are looking for interesting, innovative solutions for the chemical industry or closely related fields (e.g. material engineering). We offer cooperation with one of the largest chemical companies in this part of Europe, rich experience in conducting R&D projects and cooperation with academia, and additionally - support in commercialization of innovative solutions and conquest of international markets.

Energy and cleantech

Green Deal, decarbonization, renewable energy sources - we are looking for truly revolutionary solutions supporting the ideas of sustainable approach to energy generation and storage, reduction of CO2 emissions, waste management, and protection of environment and natural resources in industrial activity.

Industry 4.0

The use of big data in industry, advanced robotics, industrial IoT or cyber security - we are looking for solutions that we can implement together in one of our seven factories and/or offer to the market.


We are convinced that the prospect of transforming agriculture in line with the European Green Deal will unlock the innovation potential needed to make this segment of the economy more sustainable and competitive at the same time. Precision farming, automation, artificial intelligence - these are just some of the areas in which we would like to support innovators.

Investment criteria

We focus on industries related to the Ciech Group activity, but we do not exclude investments in other areas, as long as they are truly innovative solutions.

Investment criteria

Stage of development:
R&D, seed, early growth
Investment size:
up to EUR 5 million